Surf Trip Planning Tips

Don’t let the January blues get to you! After what feels like a long month of socialising and festivities, for most of us it’s back to work and quieter evenings. So now you have some more free time, it’s time to book your next big surf trip! We have put together some of our best tips for you to remember when planning your next surf trip.

Aren’t surf trips just the best thing to plan? You can research into where you are going to go, exactly where you’re going to surf, how warm the water is and then watch videos of the surf breaks on repeat until you go… (some of us do anyway).

With all this in mind there are a few important things to remember when you’re planning your big trip.

Research every part of the trip (not just the surf)

The surfing is the most exciting part of the trip for most of us, so exciting it seems that we can often forget to research into the things that will help us all out. Things like daily costs to live, (food costs etc.) Do you need to hire a car? Do you need a visa? These important things could extend the amount of time you spend NOT in the water!

Choose the destination accordingly to your ability

Judging your own surfing ability can be difficult but generally you can figure if a destination is good for beginners, intermediate or advanced surfers, use this as an idea to compare to your own ability. The last thing you want, is to be paddling out in heavy overhead waves when you aren’t ready. Likewise if you are advanced more than likely you’ll want pumping overhead waves.

Airline baggage fees (surfboard)

if you are going to be flying somewhere hot for your surf trip, make sure you have read all of the T&Cs of the airline that you have chosen to fly with. The worst thing you can have is getting caught out last minute at the check in. If you are flying with your surfboards this could be especially frustrating. Check out this 2018 Carve mag airline guide.

Get some good travel insurance that covers Surfing

Nobody wants to think about what could go wrong, but its definitely for the best if you find a good travel insurance policy that covers you whilst surfing. Without a doubt, its better safe than sorry.

Remember to pack some additional essentials

Snapping a leash or breaking fins add additional costs to your trip and in some destinations be very hard to come by. Pack some extra accessories in your bag, squeeze in at least an extra set of fins and a spare leash. Check out our accessories here.

Sun-care and a decent first aid kit

Don’t forget these items, sometimes easy to forget when you’re packing your bags up, but be sure to remember that these two will always come in handy when you’re away.


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