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Introducing our stunning range of premium skimboards. At Circle One we are the UK’s leading skimboard manufacturer and have utilised our surfboard manufacturing expertise to produce a range of performance-driven skimboards for those riders looking to take their skimboarding to the next level. All our skimboards are hand finished with an excellent strength to weight ratio and made from high quality materials such as Porcher ‘E’ fibreglass in our EPS epoxy range and aerospace grade 3k 220g/m3 Carbon Fibre in our Carbon range.  Our skimboards are also versatile enough to be used for Wakesurfing and light wind Kitesurfing, with their lightweight and progressive shapes.  Just like Laguna Beach California, where skimboarding all started, Circle One skimboards are best suited to sandy shore breaks where the rider can get out to ride the curling wave and enter the world of skimboarding tricks.

Not sure which skimboard you should get? Check out our buyer guide for more information, and size guide to find the best fit.  Also check our skimboard packages which include all the accessories to protect your board and traction pads specifically for your skimboard – all you need to get into skimboarding in one neat bundle.

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