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Which Bodyboard Should I Choose?

So you are looking for a bodyboard but not sure which bodyboard to choose? Worry no more as we have the ultimate guide to bodyboards here at Circle One – what to look for, which would suit you and ultimately which bodyboard you should go for to get the most out of this fun sport! Top tip number one: avoid cheap supermarket bodyboards which don’t last, don’t offer a good ride and aren’t sustainable!


Bodyboard Design – What To Look For

The majority of bodyboards are built with a foam construction but they vary a lot in quality and finish. You should always go for a bodyboard with a slick bottom as this helps glide on waves. The shape of a bodyboard can also drastically help or diminish how you can ride waves on it, and the control you can achieve. Go for a board with channels on the base which helps water flow, and is shaped aerodynamically for riding, not a simple round shape.

All Circle One and Australian Board Co bodyboards are made with an EPS High Density Pressurised Foam Core which is top quality material which will last for the centre of the bodyboard. They are coated with a hard wearing XPE or IXPE skin which increases grip on the board and durability, plus looks and feels great! They have a minimum 0.7mm thick HDPE slick bottom for maximum glide in the water (1mm on the Xplosion boards) and are shaped for optimal positioning on the board and for catching waves. The classic crescent tail shape and graduated bottom channels allow for optimum water flow underneath the board and increased hold on the wave.




What Size Bodyboard Should You Choose?

As a general rule of thumb, a bodyboard should come up to just above your waist as you stand next to it for adults, and maybe a little higher for kids. The table below takes height and weight into account to determine roughly which bodyboard would be the right size for you.


Weight (kg)
Height (m)
1.5 - 1.6m36"40"40"/ 42"42"
1.6 - 1.7m40"42"42"42"/45"45"
1.7 - 1.8m42"42"/45"45"45"


Our bodyboards start at 33 inches for children and go up to 45 inches for large adults. The dimensions of our bodyboards are as follows:


LengthWidth (widest point)Thickness
33 inch (84cm)18 inch (45.7cm)1.75 inch (4.5cm)
36 inch (91.5cm)19 inch (48.3cm)2 inch (5cm)
40 inch (102cm)21 inch (53.3cm)2.2 inch (5.5cm)
42 inch (107cm)22 inch (56cm)2.2 inch (5.5cm)
45 inch (114cm)23 inch (58.5cm)2.2 inch (5.5cm)


Bodyboard Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your bodyboard, got in the sea, mastered it and loved it, then you’ll be looking to progress and see where you can go next with the sport. We stock a range of bodyboard accessories to push your bodyboarding to the next level. Bodyboard fins are like small flippers, so when you kick into a wave, you have more power and speed to be able to catch waves earlier. It is best to ensure your fins are tight so that when you kick hard they don’t fall off in the water. If you are worried about this, you can get fin savers which attach the fins to your ankles to make sure if they do come off in the heat of the paddling moment, they do not get lost at sea.


You may also want to upgrade your leash to a premium coiled wrist leash for greater comfort and control as you improve. And a bodyboard bag is essential to store, protect and carry your bodyboards down to the beach. The Circle One bodyboard bag can fit up to 3 boards in it, plus has a front pocket for accessories, and is robust and comfortable to wear.


Our Top Picks


Pulse Child’s Bodyboard

A great budget-friendly option for a child or teenager to enjoy bodyboarding. The Pulse EPS bodyboard range are great quality first time boards and are ideal for family use. Technical Features include a high density EPS foam core, durable XPE deck and rail skin and rigid HDPE slick bottom with cool graphics. All boards come with a quality webbed leash as standard.


Southern Swells Adult Bodyboard

Our 40 – 45 inch Southern Swells Bodyboards are ideal sizes for adults wanting to join the kids in the sea. They are a perfect entry-level board but with enough technical features to be able to consistently ride waves and enjoy bodyboarding. Avoid cheap supermarket bodyboards which don’t work, and instead experience the fun of a Circle One bodyboard!


Xplosion Bodyboard

The Xplosion is our top level bodyboard, built with quality materials and design for intermediate to advanced bodyboarders or those looking for a well built and quality board. It offers a smoother open cell IXPE Skin on the top of the board – with no sacrifice in durability, thicker (1mm) HDPE Slick on bottom of the board – provides extra rigidty and better ‘recoil’ and responsive on the wave and a Premium Coiled Polyurethane Wrist Leash – offers more stretch and more forgiving than a basic webbed leash when you’re pushing on.


If you would like more specific advice on the perfect bodyboard for you, then please give us a call on 0330 043 1256 or email us on [email protected].

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