Spotlight On: Circle One Surf Co – Bamboo Surfboards

Our bamboo surfboard range is produced using environmentally friendly and sustainably-sourced bamboo. Combined with a cutting-edge epoxy laminating process which harnesses the natural strength and flex of bamboo, delivers a really responsive ride.

We use a full 1.5mm thick bamboo sheet in the production of our bamboo surfboard range, so the bamboo becomes integral to the sandwich construction of the board.  This produces a board of exceptional strength to weight ratio, and unique flex and responsive ride characteristics. Often other manufacturer’s boards sold as ‘bamboo’ may use a paper-thin veneer bamboo sheet (as little as 0.2mm thick) or a ‘printed’ bamboo-effect veneer and whilst it may look nice, it offers no construction benefits. With Circle One Bamboo Surfboards, the bamboo not only looks stunning but delivers a tangible difference in the construction of the board and the quality of the ride.

All Circle One surfboards are individually custom shaped, laminated and finished by humans to exacting standards. They are a premium product and constructed from the best materials available to the industry. Our boards aren’t built from a mould or ‘pop-out’ which means we produce a product superior in durability and strength to weight ratio.

Our bamboo surfboards come in sizes from 6′ 6″ to 9′ 6″ encompassing full volume shortboards to cruisey longboards, and with fun mini mals in between. There is something for everyone in this one beautiful range.



• EPS High Density Pressurised Foam Core
• EPOXY Resin Laminate Innovative, Bamboo Laminate Technology (Full 1.5mm thick)
• PREMIUM Layers of ‘Porcher E-Glass’ Fibreglass for Superior Strength
• CROSSLINKTM Reinforcement on Deck and Rails for Maximum Impact Resistance
• HOT COAT Durable Outer Shield Gloss Finish
• UNIDIRECTIONAL Full Length Wood Stringer for Strength and Controlled Flex
• EXCEPTIONAL Strength to Weight ratio
• FCS FUSION Finbox & Fins – the Strongest Pre-glass System on the Market



You can also buy all surfboards in a package with bag, leash, fins and wax to get everything you need all at once to get out on the water.

If you have any questions about any of our surfboards or the bamboo range in particular then get in touch with our sales team on [email protected] or call us on 0330 043 1256.


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