The Plastic Project: A surf that prompted the question of change

Last week was spent listening to the chatter of a longer range swell that would hit our shore on Sunday evening. By Friday, it seemed that this rumour was going to become reality, after studying local winds we decided that a day surfing in Wales would be the place to find almost zero wind and perfectly shaped waves.

“The Journey is the Adventure”

If you have not had the chance to explore South West Wales its highly recommended that it’s your next surf trip. After throwing in a selection of our zipless summer suits (the first summer suit surf of this year) some boards on the roof, off we went. We left the M4 and took the mountain pass through the Brecon Beacons national park, our surfboard laden car slowing on hills allowing us to enjoy the incredible landscape!

Losing track of time we headed towards the Gower peninsula. Rhossili Bay from low tide is where we planned to be.

Upon arrival at Llangenith the views from the hill allow you to make your judgement on the wave conditions, the sun was still high and it seemed we had struck gold. 2-3 foot peeling waves and peaks along the whole beach! Yewww!

The three hours passed, sharing waves with both friends and strangers and made everyone’s day. Sun combined with great company, an adventure and waves that suit all, is enough to make everyone smile.

When leaving the surf a gloomy look was cast over everyone’s faces. The shoreline of the incoming tide was scattered with disposable BBQs, toys and half empty bottles of drink. Whilst we set about wildly trying to capture as much as we could from the grasp of the ocean, we realised the extent of the damage. As far as the eye could see this Sunday’s perfect surf was ruined by a shoreline of litter being churned up off of the beach and swept out into the sea.

So the conversation on the drive home began…

Can it change? And how can we make people change?

Change is needed, please help us to respect our beaches, respect our oceans and leave only footprints.

Circle One are proud sponsors of The Plastic Project. Check out the amazing work they do here.