Baguettes, brie and board breaking beach breaks.

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The world surf league France stop at La Graviere is always an exciting one, this year in particular because Circle One had one of the team on a front row seat, sharing the action with the elite. We caught up with JP to see how things went down.

So JP in brief?

 “Well the competition was called off on days that most people would call perfection, but that allowed us to share some waves with the top guys and girls. But the competition did not disappoint, head to head rivalries such as JJF and Medina kept the crowd standing in awe. Plus he pulled another Rodeo flip!?” 

And the free surfing?

“the free surfs were mind blowing, dropping into waves whilst the pros are sat on the shoulder is a great feeling! But watching them rip from the line-up was pretty awesome.”

“To top all of this off you also had the French cuisine”

 You were riding the 2018 Circle One Pro carbon tech boards that you helped design, how did they go in such heavy beach breaks?

 “Yeah, so both of the boards that I rode performed so well in steep hollow conditions, they also have a really sharp pintail design which allows you to keep slotting exactly where you need to be. This also allows for drawn out turn when the wave lets you out. These boards are speed machines! You cant stop smiling when riding them.”

 Anything else you want to add?

 “Ha, congrats to medina on the win and the sick rodeo! I cant wait to get the Pro boards back in the water… also a special thanks to Koala Surf house for making the trip even more epic.” 

Follow JPs Surf trips on his Insta @JP.SURF