Timmy Brown indo trip

Hey Guys
Been back from Indo for a few weeks , just about got back to normal and adjusted to the snow. Have been in a couple of times down at Porthleven since and its been fun waves, hoping for some more big swells over the christmas holidays. The trip went really well, swell didn’t drop below 3ft at ulu’s the hole time we were there and we had really good fairly uncrowded days at Keramas, Canguu, and Nusa Dua. I have attached some shots from Ulu’s and some water shots from Dreamlands shorebreak. I have also sent these shots to 360 mag so they may turn up in a mag. The backflip shot i sent you is now in the current issue with a nice caption underneath (just about half a page).
Planning some trips to Scotland and the North East with a videographer and my mate when some swells hit next year and we may go to Lanza at the end of the year fingers crossed. Gonna stay off the long haul flights for a little while and give Indo a rest. It was a really relaxing trip barring nearly been thrown in a police cell and waking up at 8.30 in Kuta and remembering our flight departed at 9.15…. I still don’t know how we made it onto that flight , but i’m home and thats the main thing. Hope everybody at circle one is well and feeling Festive. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous new year.