Razor Surfboards update from Circle One team rider Scott Easty

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I only took the board for my first surf at the weekend. The waves were really bad, literally one to one and a half foot onshore, the sort of waves where I’d normally have taken a swell board in but thought it’d be good to try out the razor in.

Basically, it has the float, paddle power and planing ability of a long board. I was able to sit further out than I normally would surfing those sort of waves on a small wave board and get in early which is crucial when the rides are so short. I found that it literally mowed through flat sections. Where on my normal small wave short board (5, 11″) I’d have to do real fast s turns or hop to get through fat sections, the board just planed through to the next section. I was only able to do turns off the sections as the waves were so small so I don’t know how it performs on open face turns but I was able to push the tail out nice and easy and still maintain a lot of control which I like in my boards as I don’t like boards that are too loose.

All good so far, will let you know how it goes in slightly better waves and will start getting some footage with the Go Pro once we get some decent waves. It might take me a few sessions to get enough footage but i’ll give you a shout again soon.

 Hope all’s well with you guys