Circle One rider Sally Harris scores sweet point breaks in Lanza wearing Diva 3/2


Just back from surfing in the volcano sculpted lands of Lanzarote with fellow scottish surfer & explorer Kirsty Lymburn. The winds were northerly for most of the week so a lot of exploring happened and resulted in muchos buenos olas.

We mostly surfed the east coast, point breaks left handers. The interesting part was getting in and out over the razor sharp lava rock as you get smashed by waves & full on rips in one place.  I like a good challenge, defo a lot of moments out of my comfort zone!

We also went over to the south west of the island in the El Golfo area to surf where we found a black sand beach rock, rock and more rock and more razor sharp left and right hand reefs.

The last day La Santa was on so we scored 2 sessions at the main right hand point break, solid sets coming in overhead. The wave was heavily localised and gave a few sweet moments as well as pitching a over the falls!

The scenery is stunning with many old volcano craters making mountainous areas, so different from home with locals making the most of the climate with industries in wine, salt, aloe products and tourism. The fish and seafood is incredible. Wash it down with Rom Miel, honey rum after every meal!

I surfed in my new super stretchy Circle One Diva  3/2 wetty, it’s so comfy and dried amazingly quickly.  The C1 leash and traction pad are some reliable hardware I was glad of cos I was in some really hairy situations at some of the reefs where I needed to trust my equipment.

Back home now in Scotland – snow and pumping waves here, better get the thicker neoprene out again!